Chocolate workshops are perfect for the complete beginner, or anyone with a knowledge of the basics. It will give you an insight into how chocolates are made, and the complex process that leads to the perfect chocolate.

Three types of workshop will be available.

To allow for personal tuition, 2 and 5 Hour classes are for a maximum of 4 people only ( 2 people for the Full day), book as an individual, a couple, or a group

Classes are held on Thursdays or Saturdays

2 Hour  class: A basic lesson   The price is £30.00 per person
This will involve me demonstrating how to temper chocolate and make ganache, I will demonstrate how to make moulded chocolates, and use transfer sheets. You will get to dip and finish truffles, as well as make a chocolate bar and lolly topped with sweets or nuts. You then get to make up a small box of chocolates to take home.

5 Hour class: Chocolate making   The price is £80.00 per person
 You will be taught how to make 3 types of chocolates using different techniques, taught how to temper chocolate, make a ganache filling, freehand chocolate shape using transfers, and a chocolate bar and Lolly,  then dress your chocolates in a presentation box, and take all of your chocolates home.

Full Day: Advanced Chocolate making   The price is £160.00 per person (INCLUDES LUNCH)
For this course you must know how to temper chocolate, but a refresher will be given. You will make some chocolates or truffles of your choice, a chocolate shoe and shown various techniques to give it a different look. You will also make 2 chocolate dishes using different methods, and make chocolate designs and figures using cocoa butter transfer sheets. You will then place the chocolates you made into your shoe and chocolate dishes, package them up, and take all of your  items home. This course includes Lunch, and refreshments throughout the day.

Courses can now be paid for online, just click the Workshop tab above,

Minimum age requirement is 10 years old.

Please call for more information or to book your workshop session: 01289 308821